Top Tips for Quality Pool Maintenance

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Keeping your swimming pool clean and crystal clear does not have to be a difficult job. Every swimming pool is different and maintenance needs will vary. However, what every pool does have in common is the need for regular care. Learn how to properly care for your swimming pool so you can enjoy the cooling waters each and every summer for years to come. Skimming Every few days, you will need to use a skimmer to remove any items from the water’s surface. Grass, leaves and other debris is easy to clean when on the surface. If you wait too long, these items can sink, making it harder to clean...

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Paradise Pool and Spa – Doing the Hard Work for You

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Enjoying the cool waters of a pool can be generally relaxing, but having to clean it can be an uphill battle. Nor is it amusing if the water or electrical system breaks down. Thank goodness to companies who help manage your pools and spas for you. One such company is Paradise Pool and Spa. Construction, maintenance, repair and remodeling Servicing exclusively the South Bay area of Los Angeles and Palos Verdes peninsula, we offer a wide range of services, from construction to maintenance of your pools, be it private or commercial. If you are in dire need to put an interesting spot in your...

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Paradise Pool and Spa are the preeminent leaders in new pool construction and maintenance in Southern California. Founded by a war veteran, Paradise Pool & Spa has created a spectacular team and fleet of service vehicles that provides unsurpassed quality, reliability and highly cost effective pool services. It’s no secret that the State of California has a good deal of regulations compared to other states, and that of course includes pool construction and maintenance. The dream team at Paradise Pool & Spa are the foremost experts in keeping your pool and everything around it...

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PARADISE POOL AND SPA can Build a Custom Swimming Pool and Spa

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Paradise Pool and Spa offers superior custom designed swimming pool and spa construction services in Los Angeles. We have helped to build hundreds of pools in Los Angeles and we  are able to handle all kinds of projects from small wading pools to luxurious masterpiece pools. We can transform your backyard into an aesthetically designed swimming pool that you have always dreamed of.  Our professional pool builder uses the best construction techniques to build the pool. Quality materials are used to build the swimming pool to ensure that you and your family will enjoy it for years to come....

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Swimming is one of few sports out there that are both recreational, enjoyable and at the same time can help attain fitness. Whether you are an individual looking to pick up swimming as a new hobby and as such is seeking to construct a swimming pool or you’re an organization, an hotel or an estate agent seeking to add a swimming pool to a property, Paradise Pool and Spa is ready to help you out. We provide one of the top pool and spa construction services in Los Angeles and the good thing about having a group of professionals in our team, is that we are able to provide you with flexible and...

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PARADISE POOL AND SPA Maintains and Builds Your Favorite Oasis!

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Californians love their pools and spas. Just look at all the movies from Hollywood that feature hot-tub scenes, pool and spa scenes, there are really quite a few and some of the vistas you can achieve in Southern California where these luxurious pools are , are spectacular. Now, if you’re fortunate enough to have one of these great features on your property, who do you want taking care of it for you? Perhaps you are finally ready to upgrade your property with a beautiful new pool or spa, maybe both. When you want honest and reliable contractors, who do you turn to? For hundreds of...

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